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GED Preparation

Flying HIGH Inc.’s GED preparation program consists of classroom instruction plus individual access to Flying HIGH Inc.’s online study course (GED Academy). Students can attend classes at Flying HIGH year round and have access to our computer lab Monday through Friday each week.

Benefits of Obtaining a GED

Individuals who obtain their GED have significantly better job prospects and the opportunity to enter a community or 4-year college.

Over the course of a lifetime, a GED graduate earns an average of $1,000,000 more than someone without a GED or high school diploma.

Research shows that once parents get a GED diploma, they’re more likely to encourage their children to seek educational opportunities and complete educational milestones.

Students attending classes at Flying HIGH Inc. are eligible to receive a voucher that covers part of the cost of taking the GED test. Please call for current class schedules, 330.797.3995

The four GED test sections do not have to be taken at the same time or in any certain order.


Reasoning Through Language Arts




Mathematical Reasoning


Social Studies

GED Test History

The GED test began in 1942. At the time, the United States was fighting World War II. Many returning GIs wanted to continue their interrupted education. Taking the GED test was a way for them to attain a high school diploma equivalent. Civilians were able to take the test beginning in 1947.

The test has been updated several times over its 60 year history, the last time in 2014. The current test uses the Common Core Standards as a basis for student achievement. It is now a completely computer-based test, and the reading and writing portions have been combined into a single language arts section.

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