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Nutrition Assisted Alcohol & Drug Treatment Program

Flying HIGH Inc. is a licensed provider of prevention & outpatient treatment services.


Flying HIGH Inc.’s alcohol and drug treatment program is open to all individuals. Case management services provide clients participating in group counseling with individual attention and assistance in setting life goals, connections to needed community services, and guidance in overcoming legal and circumstantial barriers.

Alcohol & Drug Assessments

    • Case Management
    • Group Counseling
    • Recovery Coaching / Peer Support
    • Recovery Housing

Integrated Nutrition Assisted Treatment

Flying HIGH Inc.’s treatment service is an integrated program that pairs traditional recovery counseling with nutritional education and treatment. The nutritional component of the program helps recovering individuals discover the benefits of correcting biochemical imbalances and addressing digestive issues that may be hindering their recovery.

addiction \ə-‘dik-shən, n.   a chronic, relapsing brain disease which has physical as well as psychological roots.

Biochemical imbalances in the brain can cause addiction and are exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies and digestive problems – disorders from which a majority of addicts suffer.  As the body becomes more imbalanced, an addict relies on alcohol or drugs to make the body and brain feel more balanced. Proper nutrition and supplementation address and correct these underlying biochemical imbalances.

The Nutritional Components of the Program Include:

  • Group education on topics such as: implementing a pro-recovery diet, choosing and preparing foods that contribute to recovery, supplements that promote recovery, exercise and meditation/mindfulness techniques for a healthy brain, and natural healing methods that speed recovery and prevent cravings and relapse.
  • Individual initial consultation and two follow-up sessions with a nutritionist: Nutritionist will assess the individual and identify biochemical, nutritional, and metabolic disorders. Based on diagnosis and nutritional analyses, recommendations are made for the optimal, customized nutrition/supplement plan for recovery.
  • Access to quality vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplements.

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