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Housing Assistance

Eagle’s Nest Recovery Home & Rapid Housing

The Eagle’s Nest

is a safe and sober living environment designed to help build a strong foundation in recovery. Residents provide peer support and encourage each other to remain sober and focus on a healthy and purposeful life. Flying HIGH Inc. staff members assist residents in accessing community services including treatment, healthcare, employment, education/training, and connection to the recovery community.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals Must

  • Be in recovery from alcohol or other drug
  • Be willing to set life goals and work toward achieving those goals
  • Be alcohol and drug free for a period of at least 30 days


Flying HIGH Inc.’s alcohol and drug treatment program is open to all individuals. Case management services provide clients participating in group counseling with individual attention and assistance in setting life goals, connections to needed community services, and guidance in overcoming legal and circumstantial barriers.

    • Alcohol & Drug Assessments
    • Case Management
    • Group Counseling & Recovery Coaching
    • Peer Support / Recovery Support
    • Nutritionally based alcohol & drug treatment program


Flying HIGH Inc.’s Eagle’s Nest Recovery House is an Ohio Recovery Housing associate and operates in accordance with the association’s standards of excellence and code of ethics.

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