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GROW Urban Farm

Grow Urban Farm is a social enterprise of Flying HIGH Inc. that exists to provide workforce development and job readiness training to individuals who have barriers to employment.



Opportunities for


Participants gain real work experience that helps them acclimate to a real-world work environment. Through professionalism workshops and hands-on training in horticulture, greenhouse operations, organic land care, irrigation, business/marketing techniques, and basic carpentry, participants develop transferable job readiness skills that will help them gain and maintain employment in any industry.

GROW Program Highlights

    • GROW Urban Farm contributes locally grown food to the Mahoning Valley by providing fresh vegetables to local CSAs, restaurants, and food pantries.
    • GROW gives Mahoning County residents living in areas regarded as food deserts access to quality produce.
    • GROW (Gaining Real Work Opportunities) provides real work experience and develops transferable work skills that help eliminate employment barriers.
  • Funds generated from the farm are used for the operational costs of the workforce development and job readiness training. In addition, participants have an opportunity to earn training stipends while preparing for the workforce.
  • Educational programs open to the community offer information on the health benefits of growing produce and incorporating fresh vegetables into one’s diet.

Calling all Restaurants! Chefs!

One of the biggest trends in the culinary world today is the farm-to-table movement. Contact us today to find out how GROW Urban Farm can help you offer patrons food made with locally sourced ingredients. Need something special? Maybe we can GROW it for you! Call us at 330-797-3995

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