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Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center (PDC) offers professional development curriculum to help you become skilled in a short period of time, with both the professional & technical skills required by employers. Courses equip you for immediate employment in high-demand industries. The PDC is a proud partner of the Mahoning Valley Partnership for Employment.

We Know What Employers Want

Become skilled in just weeks!

Our training programs are built around what employers look for. We have asked employers to define the professional & technical qualities that make good employees. Our training helps you develop these qualities and incorporate them into your life.
Employers want to hire our students. Employers want to hire graduates of PDC because they know that our graduates have the technical skills that their jobs require, and just as important, that they have the professional skills that make them reliable.

Programs Offered

Health Care Industry

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Advanced Manufacturing

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Prerequisites & Electives

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To Apply for Admission

(you must be age 18 or older)

 Come as you are and be willing to work hard to graduate. We have open enrollment. You can be admitted even if you do not have your high school diploma. PDC works with you to help you graduate and be successful in your life and career. Please click here for an admissions application – print, fill-out, and mail.

Financial Aid

PDC offers financial aid through the PDC Scholarship Fund and through a partnership with Mahoning Valley Partnership for Employment. If you are in need of a scholarship, please click here for a scholarship application – print, fill-out and mail.

Ohio To Work

By being an Ohio To Work partner organization, Flying HIGH, Inc., provides you with a mix of job training, tools, and resources to help you increase your income and improve your quality of life.

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Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center is approved and registered
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If you are interested in enrolling in our programs or have any questions, please contact us by filling out the Contact Form or call us at 330-797-3995.

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